Notes of the Infographic way for seo


I recently read an article shared by Luqman Khan, known as the creator. He recommends an effective strategy to gain traffic, the Infographic.I take some notes of the tutorial shared by cloudliving.

So here are the keys.

How much does it to take for making infographic promotion?

– idea generation: 15 minutes of my time
– Writing the content: 5 hours ~ $25
– Infographic design: $50
– Prospecting: 5 hours – $25
– Email Outreach: 10hours ~ $50
– Total Cost: 15 minutes + $150

How is the result coming?

– At least 13 new backlinks.3 from big publications.
    – 74)
    – but nofollow)
– 189 social shares
– 2000+ referral traffic
– Huge organic traffic increase

How is the process?

Step 1: Coming up with an idea
– Keep it simple
– List works well
    – 7-10 points
    – 10 Powerful Vitamins for Younger Looking Skin
    –  10 Superfoods That Help You Look Younger
– Base it on your target page
My opinions. The writer first uses google to get potential keywords and uses sharecount to find out how many share and like the links have. The more nums, the more chances you will get traffic from that.
Step 2: Writing content
– Think about the layout
    – Base it on a popular infographic
– Keep the content short
– Include data if possible
My opinions. When the writer is planing the article, he visit the site, visually. After searching some keywords, he find out waht people love  more by viewing the like nums. And he find that the infographic kind is very popular, so he decided to find a designer to help him make it out.

I personally love the steps he takes: deside the topic -> make

outline and write content -> send it to the designer -> done. You are playing the role as the organizer.

Step 3: Infographic Design
– Find designer on Upwork or Fiverr
– Cost between $50 – $ 200
– Turn around time is 7 – 10 days depending on the designer
– Send over the content + some infographics that you like
– Remember to proofread the  infographic after delivery
Step 4: Prospecting
– Find popular infographics in your niche
    – Using Pinterest or Visually
    – Right Click + Search google for image
– Search Google for relevant keywords and collect the top 50 results
– Collect information
    – Name
    – URL
    – Linking URL
    – Contact Email or Contact Form
Step 5: Important: Submit to Visually and Pinterest Boards
– Have chance to be picked up by editors
– MBD’s editor says she found my infographic through Pinterest
Step 6: Outreach via Email
– Using Gmail or Buzzstream


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