How make 4500 dollars per month?


10beats, a website that uses only 8 months and less than 10 product pages to earn $4.5k per month. The creator, Luqman Khan, has written an article to share how he did that.

The build process is divide into 6 parts in order of priority. This is a note about it, with some of my opinions.

Step 1:Keyword Research

  • Find your Passion and Choose your Niche
It’s hard to start, but it is even hader to keep on doing. As Luqman Khan said, you should find your passion and choose the niche that you love. When you start to do that, you will spend more time on researching.
But only the passion is not enough. You need to consider what customers love.

  • Choose Product Category

Luqman Khan is a blogger, knowing computers and network. Such a background makes him choose the technology products.

The writer said he find the products from the Aliexpress category list. And then, he took two kinds of products, the Wireless Router, and the 3d Pen, with different competition.

By the way, I think we should choose the best selling ones, with high comments num or sales num. So you need not spend time testing whether this product is good to sell.

  • Analyze Competition and Generate Keywords

The main job of this part is to analyze competition, generate keywords, and estimate how much traffic the site will get.

The writer recommends a manual way to analysis competition. But he also recommends two tools, the Long Tail Pro and KWFinder.

Then in the keywords part, the writer find that a combination of  “Best” + “Product Category” + “Year” would get extremely high traffic on specific time.

Data that shared:

I ended up with:

Best Wireless Router 2016 (KC: 49, Monthly Searches: 8k)
Best 3D Pen (KC: 29, Monthly Searches: 2.4k) – Skipped the year because of low monthly Searches

Step 2: website structure

The nav part. Just several broad categories.

The home part. The writer does not put any content on the home page or any affiliate links. Well, maybe the home page is not playing a role in ranking.

In addition, the writer also gives pieces of advice, like adding “No-Index”/”No-Follow” for index pages to avoid the problem of “Internal Duplicate Content”.

Step 3: Content Structure

When you are writing articles, there is a key point to remember, the readers.

The writer said the readers consist of search engines(Goole, Bing…), and human readers.

Also, there are some keys to follow:

A. Article Introduction

The Introduction should be brief and attractive.

B. Comparison Table

Structured content would help readers to read more effective and is clear to read. You can see that a comparison table of pros and cons in the product review.


C. Detailed Reviews

It is necessary to make user trust you so your reviews should be unbiased. What’s more, you should list the pros and cons.

Below is the single product review template.


Explanation of pros-cons-talbe:

  • Review Heading
  • Explain why you included that product
  • Product Image
  • Explain what is wrong in that product
  • Pros and Cons

You may be curious why we should make a pros-cons-table after a detailed product review. Here is what the writer said.

My visitors might be in the hurry, so they will make a decision just by reading pros and cons.
It helps in increasing the word count of the article.
Your article will look more professional and your visitor will trust you more.

D. Buyer’s Guide

After doing the basic job, it’s your time to help readers simply their decisions by offering your opinion.

E. Related Articles

Apart from the article, you may also suggest more relevant products for more sales.

Also, don’t waste your traffic. It is ok and important to insert other internal links on your page.

Step 4  On-Page SEO

I would like to write a series of articles on this topic. Here are the keys to making a better on-page SEO.

A. SEO Friendly URLs

B. Starting the Title with the Targeted Keyword

C. Add Multimedia

D. Targeted Keywords in <h2> Heading

E. Adding targeted keyword in the first 100 words

F. Adding Outbound Links

G. Internal Linking

Add more Related Articles.

H. Post Long Content

The average nums of words of articles on is 5k. This is a good strategy, and the key to rank well on major search engines.

The more time a reader spend on your site, and the more valuable your site. I mean, you offer great content.

I. Boost Dwell Time

If the time readers spend on your site is short, it not only means your long content is not good enough, but also your rank would get bad effect.

So how can I make readers stay longger? 3 keys to follow:
– Wrote Long Content
– Engaging Introduction (As I mentioned above)
– Adding Small paragraphs, comparison table, images, and pros/cons

Step 5 Giving a kickstart

With the help of social media, you can post your product content, and ask people to repost them, making more engagement.

Meanwhile, there is a tool to recommend, AddmeFast.

Below is the steps to take:

It is a 3 step process…

– Just tweet your article and pin it on Pinterest once.
– Add your tweet and pin on AddMeFast and start a retweet and repin campaign.
– Don’t overdo it, just do it slowly and steady (Less than 10 retweets and repins a day).

Step 6 Link Building

After finishing your content building, there is the last step to take, the link building.

There are many ways to do link building.Some of them we called Blackhat, while others called Whitehat. Whitehat means follow the rules.On the contrary, Blackhat just breaks the rules or do some fake actions to gain traffic.

There is not a simple way to judge these ways. We need to know both, and learn the thoughts behind them, and find your own way.

A. web 2.0 Submissions

By posting lots of relevant articles on many platforms, you can gain good ranking on search engines with your key words.

B. Guestographics

People love reading infographic, a kind of formats combined with image and words.If you can use infographic to promote your products, just make some try.

The idea is brought from Brian Dean, and he has written an article about it, Guestographic Case Study.

Or you may watch it here:

You can find the note of my on this topic, Notes of How I Earned 10+ High-Quality BackLinks In Less Than 2 Weeks .

C. Forum and Blog Comments

D. Scholarship Program

10beasts uses scholarship programs to gain high-quality ref links from schools. Such .edu domains often have high domain rank and page rank.

I think the links like .edu work great is because they are seldom used on promotion.

The steps followed:

  • Create a Scholarship Program on your Site
  • Find Universities that Link to External Scholarships
  • Contact these Universities and tell them about your Scholarship

Some useful comments

  • how to generate high-quality content

My question if you let me: How the article content has made? I suppose you did not buy 10 routers to review all of it 🙂
But if not, how can you produce that deep info, pros, cons, etc?

That’s where the Amazon Reviews and Reviews on other websites comes in.
Just do some research, gather some information and re-writer it.

– A suggestion offering by a senior

Traditional marketing is the best way to go for the long term. Reaching out to companies and individuals and promoting content. It’s a much slower and more demanding process but that’s how you build something that lasts a long time. Google is getting better and better at closing the gap from the time affiliates expose a loophole to closing that loophole.
Personally, I hate putting so much effort into something that I can’t be confident that will be here after a major Google update. I started my affiliate career this way, made a ton of money, got penalized. When to zero sales the next day and for the next 3 months. Exploited Google and again and made a ton of money then got penalized again.
For me it was worth it but that was 2012 when the first Panda updates were coming out and Penguin was getting smarter. It’s getting harder and harder to rank now. I think Google is more concerned with good content, frequency of content, and they have delayed their rankings. It’s definitely not as quick to rank now as it was in the past.
My best advice for someone starting out is create great content, update your site often and reach out to other webmasters and companies. Try to think outside the box a little. Getting .edu links and sponsored links are easy cause anyone can do it.
Do you want to be in the pack with everyone else who will get wiped out during the next Google update or would you rather stand confident knowing you didn’t take the easy way out? I’ll choose the latter every time.

– how to build links without spending money

I would go with Guest Posting, Guestographics, Web 2.0s, and Blog Comments.
There are 100s of other techniques out there which you can apply to get few links.


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