Notes of the Infographic way for seo


I recently read an article shared by Luqman Khan, known as the creator. He recommends an effective strategy to gain traffic, the Infographic.I take some notes of the tutorial shared by cloudliving.

So here are the keys.

How much does it to take for making infographic promotion?

– idea generation: 15 minutes of my time
– Writing the content: 5 hours ~ $25
– Infographic design: $50
– Prospecting: 5 hours – $25
– Email Outreach: 10hours ~ $50
– Total Cost: 15 minutes + $150

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How make 4500 dollars per month?


10beats, a website that uses only 8 months and less than 10 product pages to earn $4.5k per month. The creator, Luqman Khan, has written an article to share how he did that.

The build process is divide into 6 parts in order of priority. This is a note about it, with some of my opinions.

Step 1:Keyword Research

  • Find your Passion and Choose your Niche
It’s hard to start, but it is even hader to keep on doing. As Luqman Khan said, you should find your passion and choose the niche that you love. When you start to do that, you will spend more time on researching.
But only the passion is not enough. You need to consider what customers love.

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